is not a trend. It is the new normal. We recognised that and give our best every day to take care of our environment and value our people.
Our products are created to last a lifetime: They are timeless and versatile and designed to fit your everyday needs. They make the sustainable lifestyle of `quality over quantity´ a reality.

All our garments, facemasks, accessories and fragrances are designed between Milan and Munich.
We manufacture and finish all clothing and our fragrances in Italy. We buy materials only from European fabric producers or use deadstock fabrics. We put a lot of emphasis on finding local manufacturers with fair working conditions. We visit each manufacturing site regularly in order to guarantee the highest quality standard. We upcycle left-over garments from previous collections and transform them into new designs. It is also important to us to limit transport routes for all our components and products and to use recycled packaging as much as possible.

This is our approach to sustainable consumption. We have to ask ourselves how much, how often and most importantly why we produce. And we do.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to our customer to act sustainable by providing ethically and environmentally conscious products. We promote less and colder washing, less waste and less new buying. We believe our products must be long-lasting and our packaging recycled and environmentally friendly.
 We want to change the consumption behaviour by creating products to which you will have an emotional attachment: pieces that look great and make you feel good and safe.

From now on you get your TOM REBL pieces bit by bit, which we build up in a collection over time. We don’t need endless new pieces per season. We don’t even need seasons anymore…

What we need is awareness, simplicity and individuality.
Welcome to REBLand.